Save XX% On [PRODUCT] When You Order Before The Deadline!

(...And then mention how they can get the bonuses ...FREE!)

Here Is Everything You're Getting With This LIMITED Offer!

If you want [RESULT] ...without [FRUSTRATION] and you want it fast (and at an amazing bargain), this is for you.


Here's what you're getting getting with [PRODUCT] and how it can help you NOW.

  • Big Benefit #1

    Here's where you'll elaborate on how it will help them ...or what the appeal is.


    So, for example, if "Big Benefit #1" was "The Complete And Unedited Transcripts From The Last Interview With Yuri Barcelona, The World's Greatest Cat Juggler", you might list that as the Big Benefit # 1 above and then elaborate like this:


    "Yuri Barcelona, as you know, was the single greatest cat juggler in history. But he never told anyone how he was able to do the seven-cat flip ...blindfolded ...while walking on a flaming tightrope. Until NOW. In this unreleased "lost" interview, he reveals his most closely guarded secrets's like having him in the room with you ...walking you through the very cat-juggling techniques that made him a legend."

  • Big Benefit #2

    Same as above. You really want to sell the BENEFIT here. So if Big Benefit #2 was "How To Sedate Cats So They Don't Bite You When You Juggle Them" (I know, I know ...trying to make this sales copy stuff less boring for you)) might say:

    Listen, as a cat juggler - you face a big risk. And that's getting your faces slashed to ribbons by an angry cat that doesn't want to be juggled.


    So most people do the usual. They sedate the cats so the cats don't mind. But did you know that the most common ingredient in cat-sedatives is actually VERY toxic to animals? Not only that, kids on the Internet sell it to each other and they take it as a recreational drug while listening to the hip-hop music and terrorizing the streets!


    That's why you MUST know the right way to sedate the cats. The humane way. The SAFE way. And the ONLY way that's not a danger to yourself and others.

  • Big Benefit #3

    I think you're getting the point here.


    Just list as many Big Benefits as you can think of ...and elaborate on them.


    Remember - just because you're offering a great product at a great price doesn't mean you don't have to try your best to sell it.


    And the things you take for granted? Those can be turned into huge benefits because your audience might find them fascinating.


    For example - Claude Hopkins (the Father of direct response advertising) wrote some ads for Schlitz beer once.


    Well. The brewery, like EVERY OTHER BREWERY IN THE WORLD used a really elaborate process to purify their beer and make sure it was the best possible quality.


    All Claude Hopkins did to take Schlitz to #1 in the world was TELL THE PROSPECT about that process. 


    So be very thorough here. List as many Big Benefits (with elaborations) as you can.

Now you're going to want to tell the reader why I'm making the special offer (marketing test, special occasion, etc.).


I also like to re-state the value so they KNOW it's a good deal.


And then I like to ...


And I like to do it exactly like we did above with the "Main Product".


Just list the Big Benefits and elaborate on them.


Aww heck. I'll paste that section below so you can just edit it :-)


Actually - let's change the formatting up a little.


Like this:

  • Bonus Benefit #1

    You know the drill here.


    SELL IT.

  • Bonus Benefit #2

    Remember - they don't know how cool it is unless you TELL THEM!

  • Bonus Benefit #3

    And it's the BENEFIT ...not the features.


    A FEATURE of this page would be that it's pre-formatted with sales copy template stuff on it.


    That's a FEATURE.


    The BENEFIT is that you don't have to figure out what to say or how to make it look. The BENEFIT is it's easier for you. That it's faster.



Now you're going to want to re-state the full value of the bonuses ...and add it to the full value of the "Main Thing" and then tell them what the total would be if they were buying it at a regular price.


THEN you want to re-state the discount and emphasize how much they're saving and benefitting.


And finally, you want to add in your SCARCITY!


It's pretty simple - just reference the timer on the page and tell them that when it hits ZERO, the offer is expired.


And now it's time to tell them to ...

Then you thank them for taking the time to read the letter and watch the video and you sign off.


Like this:





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